The development of wooden packaging

- Dec 11, 2019-

The wood material has the advantages of light weight, high ratio of strength to weight, good elasticity, impact resistance, rich and beautiful texture and tone, easy processing, etc. it has been listed as an important raw material since ancient times.

Because of low energy consumption, less pollution and renewable resources, wood industry also plays an important role in the national economy.

Wood processing has become a stable process system, and the degree of specialization has been increasing. The application of electronic computer plays an important role in the innovation of wood making technology, the reform of wood processing industry system, and the development of wood-based panel production technology and product design engineering.

In the future, microprocessors will go deeper into many areas of wood processing technology, such as the measurement and grading of log and sawn wood, the control of drying process of wood and veneer, and the adjustment of hot pressing process parameters. At the same time, the possibility of bioengineering application in the fiber separation process has also appeared. With the further improvement of orientation technology, it is possible to arrange the tissue and texture of particleboard and fiber according to the requirements of product use performance, and become the latest technology in wood processing.

In addition, under the influence of the new technology revolution, the experimental research of non core rotary cutting, non glue gluing, non chip cutting, and the application of flexible processing system in the wood products industry, all indicate that the wood processing technology will be further changed. Today's world peace and development is the theme. Energy crisis, glacial melting and the aggravation of greenhouse effect have brought great pressure to people's life and psychology. Circular economy, low-carbon consumption, green and health have become the first consideration for consumers to consume.