The concept of perfume packaging design in France

- Feb 27, 2020-

Worthy of the name known to the world, France has many of the world's top perfume brands, such as Lanvin, Chanel (ChaneL), Givenchy (Givenchy), Lancome (Lancome), Lolita (Givenchy), langpo (LolitaLempicka), Guerlain (Guerlain), France perfume and cosmetics industry, and French fashion and French wine, and are listed as the three largest French boutique industry. It's the pride of the French.

Packaging design is an integral part of the product. It is a magic, international and core word. It is also necessary for the company and the password for the success of the business. Packaging design connects art and industry, market and production, creativity and functionality. Good idea makes good packaging, good packaging is the catalyst of product promotion. Identification of a product is achieved through packaging. Consumers must get enough information and be able to decode and understand some symbols in order to recognize the product and then understand its value and lead to the final purchase behavior. Obviously, perfume products are becoming more and more and people are becoming more and more difficult to choose. But people are often influenced by their upbringing, social life and cultural background to choose brands. Therefore, every perfume and its packaging should be targeted to correspond to specific consumer groups. France has such a large number of world-class perfume brands, becoming a large perfume country, and its perfume packaging design concepts are inseparable.


Dare to use new materials, technologies and forms?

From the history of the development of perfume containers, people have been exploring the use of various materials to make perfume containers. At first, the Egyptians used stone containers to make containers of various shapes, such as round belly bottles, heavy foot bottles and so on. They were all open and sealed with flat corks or cloth blocks. Various stone materials are also used to make these containers, of which alabaster accounts for the largest proportion. The Greek craftsmen made a series of ceramic containers filled with perfume and designed containers according to their contents. For example, the containers of sesame oil and perfume are different. And the Greeks can make bionic containers for perfume. Around the sixth century A.D., small moulded pottery bottles were invented. At first, they often imitated the image of human head. Glass has always been an expensive material. By the sixteenth Century, the Venice craftsmen learned how to make glass and glass, so that they could be made into many shapes, such as milky white glass, gold and silver filament glass, and so on. Perfume containers became more and more beautiful. With the increase of the hardness of glass, glass can be cut, carved, colored and inlaid, so that the glass container is more than a variety of traditional forms.


Today, for French designers, glass alone can produce ceramic, crystal, marble, corrosion and other material effects. Bohemian, Italian Milan, MALDI and other exotic colors are also very rich, including red, green, blue, gold, amber, violet, purple and other colors, and the capacity of the expansion is even greater. They are also good at combining different materials, such as glass, metal and plastic. In short, French designers are good at using all kinds of materials, and dare to use new materials, new technologies and new forms to design perfume packaging.