the concentration of EDP with stronger flavor than EDT?

- Oct 13, 2020-

EDT, namely the Eau DE Toilette weak perfume (less essence, more alcohol).


EDP, namely the Eau DE Parfum, Eau DE Parfum (more essence, less alcohol).With the perfume of EDT specifications and EDP specifications may be regarded as a pair of siblings, they smell similar, but not identical, but significantly different lot of models. This is because the brand party in developing this two specifications, not only changed their essence of, also will change their formula. EDP will usually choose longer stay sweet spices, to prolong their stay sweet.


The release of fragrance need with the aid of the volatilization of alcohol. Although the EDP has more flavour, but because of the low alcohol content, the speed of the low volatile, essence not to come out. And EDT high alcohol content, high speed of volatile released more essence, give a person more intense, more concentrated olfactory stimuli. So if the two difference formula, so good at the outbreak of the EDT, the short term than pay attention to the EDP lasting smell feels more thick. But if the difference formula of the larger, it depends on the individual subjective experience.