The characteristics of exquisite perfume bottle design

- Feb 26, 2020-

Perfume bottle design, perfume is generally divided into female, male and female mixed use of three types. In recent years, it has been developing in the direction of strengthening segmentation for women and men. As far as forming technology is concerned, it is nothing more than blowing, pressing, blowing blowing and pressing blowing. In order to achieve beautiful bottle body and even distribution of glass, the technology of pressing and blowing with small mouth of two petal mould should be adopted as far as possible to avoid the phenomenon of two waist sections of bottle body caused by blowing and blowing. Due to the progress of glass forming technology, people have almost reached the level of doing what they want to do.

In different poses and with different expressions, the perfume bottles on the market are not surprising. As a result of the creative work of industrial designers, there are many different kinds of perfume bottles coming out every year. There are concrete modeling (personification, simulacrum), geometric modeling (combination of basic forms), abstract modeling (gradual, conceptual). In addition to modeling and glass melting quality, the main factors affecting the appearance of perfume bottles are the material of the mold, the smoothness of the mold surface, the degree of precision of the mold and the carving of the pattern.

The quality of modern perfume bottles. In a wide variety of perfume bottles, most of them are high sodium white calcium glass. These small bottles of glass are of high quality and few visible bubbles and stones. Of course, bubbles added as decorative effects are not listed. In addition to the functions of containers, this kind of perfume bottles can also clearly show the color of perfume so as to attract consumers' eyeballs. Because the clear and transparent perfume will make consumers think of the high-end, plus the aroma of consumers' favorite varieties, often stimulate their desire to buy, while light yellow to green is reminiscent of nature, which is undoubtedly an attractive selling point for the modern people who are seeking to return to nature. Stained glass is also one of the materials that designers can choose. The designer of perfume bottles can almost choose the color of glass in the wide range of red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet, depending entirely on their imagination and needs.

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