The application of regulated perfume bottles

- Nov 29, 2019-

Regulated perfume bottle material is low borosilicate glass production, good chemical stability can prolong the shelf life of perfume. Control of perfume bottles in general capacity in 1ml, 2-3ml, 5ml, 8ml, 10ml, etc., such as 1ml, 2-3ml for perfume trial products, the cover can be equipped with plastic cover, sprinkler, etc., has a good sealing, perfume volatile, perfume bottles and matching cover to prevent perfume volatilization, leakage. 

Because of its low price and convenient portability, it has been widely used in perfume packaging industry. All kinds of perfume packaging may be used to regulated perfume bottles, which is a newly listed perfume. It is sure to have some small capacity trial suits to let consumers try to see whether they are widely recognized by consumers.

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