Successful perfume packaging design

- Feb 27, 2020-

The successful perfume packaging design tells stories, spreads information and evokes emotions.

Perfume needs to express an emotional commitment to buyers quickly. Perfume, as a fashion object, touches our most inner romantic feelings and sensory chords. It's about connecting with emotions and feelings, not emphasizing a lot of "real" practical benefits. Its benefit is obviously in the psychological level, so perfume packaging needs to express an idea in the most emotional way. Muscle, shape and material will play a key role. Innovation is not a rule here, but a must.


In the perfumery and beauty industry, everything needs to be conveyed, including containers, covers and use systems, including second packaging, including visual merchandising system. All these factors should work together to strengthen the emotional experience of the consumer when he or she holds the product, so that he or she has a sense discovery.

The men's perfume zebra produced by Jill Desgripis is a bottle designed by the president, which simulates zebra hair on the top of the bottle, which makes the concept more vivid. Another famous design of Gil is the bjelen Garbo perfume bottle. It looks like a bracelet. It is a completely new concept and becomes an ornament. Once, I even heard someone use it as a home decoration! Some customers buy a small ring as a set napkin, which is also a gift for dinner guests.