Source Of Perfume Packaging

- Nov 27, 2019-

In seventeenth Century, European perfume technology began to flourish,elegant and charming items are favored by people. At this time, the manufacture of perfume bottles is becoming more and more sophisticated. 

By nineteenth Century, the bourgeoisie regarded luxury as a life style, and Paris became a gathering place for perfume. In the 1850, the industrial revolution promoted the development of production technology, and so did the perfume industry. High speed production resulted in large production and low price.

In this way, perfume has become more and more popular and has become a product that can be enjoyed by all social strata. The modern glass manufacturing industry has realized the production of uniform perfume bottles, and promoted the expansion of perfume factories. The decoration of perfume bottles has become an art.

Nowadays, the use of perfume has become a fashion, a kind of endorsement of taste.