Screw cap for wine packaging

- Dec 02, 2019-

What's the advantage of screw cap? Why are many wine companies turning to screw cap for wine packaging?

1. The problem of cork pollution can be avoided (but not necessarily)

The cork of wine is contaminated by a chemical called trichlorophenyl ether (TCA). 2-3% of the wine is polluted, that is to say, almost one bottle in every two cases is polluted. Wine contaminated with corks smells moldy and wet cardboard. For this reason, 85% and 90% of Australian and New Zealand wines are sealed with screw caps to avoid cork pollution. But it can never be polluted without screw plug. There is also a substance that may have a similar adverse effect on wine, called TBA, related to certain fungi and a wood preservative used in the packaging industry. TBA can exist on a variety of materials, such as cask, polystyrene foam, cellar walls and planks, and then transferred to polyethylene film -- a commonly used material in the screw cover.

2. Screw cover can ensure stable wine quality

Because of the characteristics of cork, many people will feel when drinking the same wine, why the taste is not the same? This is because cork is a natural product, it can't be the same, so the taste of wine is slightly different. The wine with screw cover can keep the quality stable, and the taste will not change much compared with the wine sealed with cork before.

3. Keep the fresh taste of the wine without affecting the aging potential

With the development of technology, the screw cap can also allow a small amount of oxygen to pass through. Like cork, it can achieve the effect of aging wine. The screw cap ensures that every bottle of wine that reaches the consumer has the quality that the winemaker expects. "

4. The screw cover is easy to open

A bottle of good wine is in front of us. When we want to share it with our friends, we will suddenly find that there is no tool to open the cork of the wine, which is a headache. But with the screw plug, you don't need to think about it at all. Just drink it if you want, that's all. Screw on the lid of the remaining wine and put it in the place where the wine is stored. Keep drinking next time.