Rough edge treatment of zinc alloy die casting process

- Jan 06, 2020-

In the process of zinc alloy die casting forming, there will inevitably be burr and burr. The burr process is generally arranged after die casting to prepare for the following CNC, rotary tapping, machining and other processes. 

Some companies will also arrange the process of removing the burr of die casting between CNC, rotary tapping and machining due to some reasons of equipment, which has reached a reasonable utilization time The effect. Generally, there are two ways to remove the burr of die casting: manual removal and use of the burr machine. The manual removal of the burr needs less investment in a short period of time, and the processing capacity is moderate. However, skilled workers are required to operate more precautions, which is more likely to cause the poor quality of zinc alloy die casting due to improper operation. The burring machine is simple in operation, high in efficiency, and easy to handle the more complex die-casting parts, but the single investment is high, and there will be maintenance costs in the future.

When trimming and deburring by hand, the workers remove the burr and burr of the zinc alloy die casting one by one by using the cutter. The skilled workers can handle about 4000 ordinary die castings every day, with high efficiency, but there are some problems in removing the burr and burr manually. If the worker is negligent, there may be hidden burr or burr. Moreover, for the complex die casting, especially for the precision die casting, the manual use of cutting tools will slow down the processing speed and low efficiency. However, the advantages of manual burr treatment lie in the simple construction of work site, fast training of skilled workers, low single input and high efficiency.