Production process of zamac bottle lid

- Dec 27, 2019-

As a professional manufacturer of zamac bottle lids, Leaders owns different machines and complete production line for producing zamac bottle lids. Below is the brief introduction of zamac bottle lid production process:

Step 1. To confirm 3D drawing with customer.

Step 2. Making prototype or mock up for customer's approval. The prototype is very helpful for the customer to preliminarily observe the design effect, checking the fitting with perfume bottle, and measure the actual dimensions of product.  For the newly designed product, customer will choose to make the prototype first.
Leaders offer two options for prototype. plastic protype by 3D printing and zamac / brass prototype by CNC engraving.

Step 3. Once the drawing is confirm well to go for production, we will create mould for the zamac bottle lid.

Step 4. Samples will be made for customer's approval after mould ready.

Step 5. Die casting. Die casting is the one of the main process for zamac products, it seems simple, but there are a lot of technical tricks involved. Our die casting master has experience for over 15 years, and we own 4 die casting machines which can ensure the high end quality and capacity of zamac bottle lids.

Step 6. Deburring. There will be burrs on the zamac bottle lid from die casting process, burrs only affect the appearance, it may also be harmful to human body, so it should be removed to make metal products become smooth.

Step 7. CNC lathe. This process is not necessary for each zamac cap. Some zamac bottle lid, wine stopper or zamak bottle accessories, due to function need, CNC lathe is required.

Step 8. Polishing. Polishing is the process of creating a smooth and shiny surface by rubbing it or using a chemical action, leaving a surface with a significant specular reflection. Polishing is one of the important process for zamac bottle lid. If the zamac product is not polished well, the zamac bottle cap after electroplating will appear spot, pitting, lackluster and cheap quality. At Leaders, there are 8 hand polishing and 2 automatic polishing machine, the polishing masters have years of experience.

Step 9. Quality inspection after polishing. 100% check after caps being polishing.

Step 10. Surface treatments: Usually there are three main surface treatments for zamac bottle lids, electroplating, cataphoresis and painting. Electroplating is used most among the three. We have firmly cooperations with electroplating factories of real gold electroplating, imitation gold electroplating, chrome plating and black color platings who has rich experience in plating zamac bottle lids, zamac perfume lids, zamac bottle stopper and zamac wine caps. The yield rate of our zamac electroplating up to 96%.

Step 11. Quality inspection after electroplating / cataphoresis / painting. We'll do 100% quality check after the zamac caps being electroplated to ensure each cap is perfect.

Step 12. Assembly. Assembly PP insert into zamac perfume caps or assembly for zamac products. The fitment between Zamac and PP can be riveting, or clicking fit, it depend on customer needs. Most assembly between zamac and PP we do is by clicking fit, there is no metal can be seem inside the PP, it's clean and nice.

Step 13. Quality check and cleaning. After assembly we will check each cap and clean it to make sure customer can receive non-defective products from us.

Step 14. Packing. Each zamac bottle lid will be fixed on single blister cell, 30 zamac caps per blister tray. Usually 5 trays into one carton, and waterproof bag will be used for moistureproof
during sea shipping. Paper tray is available upon customer's requirements.

Step 15. Customer come for inspection or third party inspection. Leaders welcome customer and third party inpection for zamac perfume caps, zamac bottle accessories, and any of the products
you purchased from us.

Step 16. Shipping. We are happy to arrange shipping for customers and looking forward to long term cooperations.

Let's use pictures to show the process of LEADERS 'production of zamac bottle lids.

Production process of zamac bottle lid

Leaders Hardware Plastic Co., Ltd is specialized in manufacturing and developing perfume packaging, we have years of experience in producing zamac bottle lids, zamac perfume caps, zamac wine caps, zamac wine stoppers and bottle accessory. Tell us your concept, we will help you to achieve it into real.