Production process of wooden box for wood packaging

- Dec 12, 2019-

First of all, the purchased plate is processed into the same thick and thin plate with smooth surface, then the sample is cut and sawed, and the general white emulsion is used for splicing. Then fixed, and after a day it did.

Secondly, the treated wood board needs to be polished, and then applied with putty. After a day of polishing, if it is not smooth, it must be smooth because it depends on the smoothness and flatness of the paint. Finally, the primer is applied. After one day's polishing, you can use sandpaper. Start from No. 600, and then paint and polish those over 600 until they feel smooth. Finally, apply the top coat, thin and even. It will be finished in a week.

Finally, you can draw some beautiful patterns on the wooden box. If there are special requirements, pattern plate making shall be carried out specially. Put the made pattern in water for a few seconds, take it out and stick it on the wooden box directly as required, then hang the water inside with a scraper, put it for no less than 10 hours, then gently remove the upper layer of plastic film, and cover it with a finishing coat.