Premium perfume box for perfume packaging

- Dec 05, 2019-

The first procedure is papermaking. The normal perfume box for perfume packaging is made of paper materials of double copper and sub copper. The normal weight is between 128G and 157G, and the heavier paper will not be used to make the gift box normally, because this will make the perfume box easier to bubble, and it will not be so beautiful from the appearance, which means that it is rigid. The third procedure is printing. Normally, the perfume box only uses printing wrapping paper, because it is impossible to print the mounting paper, and at most, it uses dyeing. Because perfume box belongs to the outer packaging, the color requirements are very high, and we are afraid to use such different colors as the main tone, and there can be no stains, so this will affect the beauty of the perfume box, This is also a custom high-end gift box what are the precautions.

Next is a surface treatment, the normal perfume box will use light glue, and then oil light, too dumb oil. The fourth procedure is beer, which is an important part of the printing process. So what should be paid attention to in the custom-made high-grade perfume box is also important in this link, because it is necessary to pass the chip of the knife die and have a high accuracy, otherwise it will affect the beauty and quality of the whole perfume box.