Poetic Armani perfume and perfume packaging

- Jul 28, 2020-

As a private fragrance, Mr. Armani sealed the exclusive memories of his travels in the perfume bottle. The following whole series are inspired by nature, and feel the world and

all things. It is the fragrance of the realm of Master Armani, which restores the true nature of the natural world through the game of precious fragrance materials.

The Yulong

The Yulong and packaging

While the tea is scented, listen to the snow falling and the snow melting


Jasmin Kusamono

Jasmine Kusamono and packaging

The world of dew, crystal clear and soaked with jasmine, reflecting the morning


Orangerie Venise

Orangerie Venise and packaging

Venetian citrus groves retain the taste of bitter orange mojito in summer


Gardnia Antigua


The orange light belongs to the sunlight heaven of gardenia


Rose Milano

ROSE Milano and packaging

The rose is slightly drunk, it's the flower or wine or you that is intoxicating


Vétiver D'Hive

Vétiver D'Hiver and packaging

When the snow is full, there is also green


Pivoine Suzhou

Pivoine Suzhou and packaging

Lingering water town, immersed in the world, peony is also gentle


Figuer Eden

Figuer Eden and packaging

In the gap between the fig leaves, record the summer in the Garden of Eden


Rose Alexandrie

Rose Alexandrie and packaging

When you step into this garden,the rose smiles charmingly at you

People pursue perfection all their lives, and I am sure that the closest thing to perfection is nature.