Plastic mould for perfume packaging solutions

- Dec 17, 2019-

In recent years, the plastic mold industry has developed rapidly in China, followed by increasingly fierce market competition. After China's accession to WTO, foreign mold manufacturers enter the domestic market, to stand out in the fierce competition, the development of mold standard parts, the implementation of specialized production of mold is essential.

As one of the pillar industries of light industry in China, the growth rate of plastic bottle industry has been kept over 10% in recent years. In the plastic industry, the plastic hardware market is very active, becoming a new consumption hotspot and a new economic growth point. The market prospect of plastic hardware mold is considerable, but it is far from the foreign technical level.

At present, China's mold industry needs to break through the bottleneck restricting the development of mold industry. With the rapid development of China's machinery, automobile, home appliances, building materials and other pillar industries, plastic mold accounts for about 30% of the whole mold industry. However, due to the complex shape of plastic mold parts, there are higher requirements for their design level. Therefore, the technical level such as mold test results inspection must be innovated to keep up with the development trend of the times, otherwise the development of plastic mold will be restricted.

The increase of mould export is larger than that of import, but the absolute increase of mould export is still larger than that of import, which leads to the increase of mould foreign trade deficit year by year. This situation has improved in 2006, with a slight reduction in the deficit. There are two main reasons for the increase of mold foreign trade deficit: first, the sustained and high-speed development of the national economy, especially the rapid development of the automobile industry, has brought a strong demand for mold. Some high-grade molds can not be produced in China, so they have to be imported; but there are also some molds that can be produced and imported in China. This is related to China's current tariff policy and project approval system. Second, the export of mold is not encouraged enough. Now, like other mechanical and electrical products, the export tax rebate rate is only 13%, but less than 17%.

From the forecast report on the development prospect of China's plastic mold industry, it is understood that plastic mold manufacturers should focus on the development of large, precise, complex and long-life molds with high technology content, and vigorously develop the international market and export molds. With the rapid development of China's plastic industry, especially engineering plastics, it can be predicted that the development speed of China's plastic mold industry will continue to be higher than the overall development speed of the mold industry, and the annual growth rate in the next few years will still maintain about 20%.

In the four elements of mould quality, delivery cycle, price and service, more and more users have put the delivery cycle first. It has become a trend to require mould companies to deliver products as soon as possible. Enterprises try their best to improve their adaptability, technical level, equipment level, management level and efficiency are all effective means to shorten the mold production cycle.

With the improvement of the design and processing level of mould enterprises, the manufacture of mould is changing from mainly relying on the skill of fitter to mainly relying on the technology. This is not only the change of means of production, but also the change of mode of production and the rise of ideas. This trend makes the degree of mold standardization improve continuously, the accuracy of mold is higher and higher, the production cycle is shorter and shorter, the proportion of fitter is lower and lower, and finally promotes the overall level of mold industry to improve continuously. At present, China's mold industry has more than 10 national high-tech enterprises, about 200 provincial and municipal high-tech enterprises. In line with this trend, it is necessary for the main backbone of production mold to gradually change from skilled talents to technical talents. Of course, at present and for quite a long time, skilled talents are still very important, because after all, mold is difficult to completely get rid of the dependence on technology.