Plastic bottles for perfume packaging solutions

- Dec 17, 2019-

Can pet plastic bottle completely replace PE plastic bottle? The answer is yes. I don't know if you have found that the packaging we saw a few years ago was almost PE plastic bottles. We know that since the beginning of these two years, when new plastics and pet came out, most of the packaging has been made of pet.

In foreign countries, PE plastic bottles have almost been eliminated, and PET bottles have been replaced. Today, people pay more and more attention to quality and health, the old packaging has to retreat to the market.

PET plastic bottle has high stability and can be made into transparent d to opaque layers. It can be seen directly inside, and it can be safely recycled or reused, which PE bottle can't do.

Let's think about it carefully. In recent years, the oil barrel packaging bottle, mineral water bottle and even health product packaging bottle are made of pet? Before, in order to ensure the grade PE material of the bottle body, the bottle wall could only be made thick, leading to waste; pet just avoided this defect;

According to the current market trend of PET plastic bottle, it is believed that pet will replace the market share of PE in the future, and the manufacturers have always followed the law of the market, generally in line with the law of market development, which is also beneficial to the overall development of the society.