Plastic bottle market for perfume packaging

- Dec 19, 2019-

Plastic bottles to solve the problem of raw materials has become a consensus. First of all, we think that the plastic bottle recycling technology, plastic bottle recycling cleaning will be the coming re slicing as raw materials. This will not only reduce dependence on oil, but also pollute the environment for plastic bottles, which cannot be blamed for being broken down into further solutions.

But recycling is far from suitable for the new needs of alternatives, and ultimately, once the oil dried up, plastic bottles are still "no rice under the pot". Secondly, in recent years, some enterprises have begun to use bioplastic bottles as raw materials, which seems to be a solution. However, with the explosive growth of the global population, relying on biological materials such as plastic bottles is worried about whether it will eventually compete for space for food and human beings.

In the design of bottle body, several plastic bottles designed by bottle designers in China are not actually designed by a full-time designer, but imitated. We found that all bottles, shampoo bottles and other forms of bottle shape appearance are often similar. It doesn't seem to have cloned trademarks, bottle shaped plagiarized 'public'. In China, few manufacturers have patent applications for bottle structure, and there are very targeted regulations to regulate this market.