Perfume sprayer for perfume packaging

- Dec 16, 2019-

According to different shapes of sprays, industrial metal sprayer series can be divided into industrial fan metal nozzle series, industrial solid metal nozzle series, industrial hollow metal sprinkler series, and industrial liquid column flow metal nozzle series. Different spray shape nozzles should be used in different working conditions. So according to the application industry, they are divided into series of metal spray heads for paper making, environmental protection metal spray heads, denitration spray guns, atomizing metal spray heads, bottles and cans for cleaning metal sprayer series, blow out metal nozzle series, coating nozzle and general metal nozzle series.

Atomizing nozzles are used for humidifying and atomizing nozzles of air conditioning external cases, which are used for humidifying and atomizing nozzles of absorption towers for textile factories humidifying and atomizing nozzles for humidifying and atomizing nozzles in pharmaceutical factories for large document center fire fighting and other conditions requiring spray humidification and cooling. The metal bottle cleaning nozzle is widely used in the tank cleaning of food and pharmaceutical factories, and is a special nozzle for tank cleaning. Metal coating nozzle is widely used in the field of automobile manufacturing. Dephosphorization and rinsing, etc.