Perfume packaging with great sense of beauty

- Feb 25, 2020-

Issey Miyake's three houses: flowers, wood, clothes and fragrance

The 2010 spring fragrance bottle is made of natural brown wood. A strong contrast with the flat silver cap emphasizes the straightness and masculinity of the bottle.


ANNA SUI Anna Sui wishing fairy perfume

Lake water green perfume is like the wings of elves. The magic aroma is just like the charming flowers and fruits in the moonlight forest. The fresh and refreshing lemon, the ripe summer melon, the silky soft marigold, the flirtatious pineapple combined with the blackcurrant fruit aroma make the fragrance have a little mystery. At the end of the fragrance, warm white cedar and desire inducing amber strengthen the characteristics of passion and magic temptation; at last, it ends with caressing White Musk like falling star dust, leaving a lingering memory.