Perfume packaging box customization process

- Feb 26, 2020-

The purpose of packaging box customization is to highlight the packaging personality of the product, which is different from the packaging of other products. Generally, what processes are needed for packaging box customization? Next, I will give you a detailed introduction:

1. design

Design is the first step of box customization, which includes the selection of box content, color contrast and structure decision.

2. Paper selection

The packaging box is usually made of coated paper or special paper mounted with gray board. Most of the coated paper is made of 157G coated paper. The reason is that the 157G coated paper is easy to pass through the glue machine, and the paper is not so wrinkled, which improves the efficiency of making the packaging box and makes the box more beautiful. The thickness of the gray board will be selected according to the size of the box. The weight of the gray board is usually selected according to the size of the box It's 1300-1800 grams.

3. Printing process

There are a lot of copper plate paper to be used as surface paper for packaging box. The surface of copper plate paper is relatively smooth, and serious color difference is taboo during printing, printing pressure blanket, printing ink point, paper gray point. Therefore, in the process of printing, regular spot check should be carried out to see if there is any problem in the printing process. If there is any problem, stop the machine immediately.

4. Selection of post press technology

Over gluing or over greasing is necessary for the post printing process of the packaging box, which can protect the printing color of the face paper, and make up for the problems such as glue when wrapping the box. The bronzing and UV can be properly done to make the finishing point and highlight the uniqueness of the product.

5. die cutting

Die cutting is the key process of making packaging box. In the process of making a new product, it is necessary to beer several pieces before making a large product, and try whether the knife die is suitable.

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