Perfume minimalism world

- Feb 24, 2020-

In the field of perfume, we have got the following basic cognitive framework for minimalist brand:

The formula is as simple as possible, the main line is clear, the single raw material has strong attributes, can smell from the beginning, and lasts long enough, with strong linearity.

The strong sense of attribute of a single raw material does not mean that it must be a single taste, but other raw materials in the whole process, around the main raw materials to carry out delicate and rich changes, but not ups and downs.

Instead of overemphasizing the nature of perfume itself (such as too strong projective power, too strong and complex flavour), it advocates that the quality of the wearer is very important (Salon and human collocation).

Perfume packaging shows the characteristics of minimalism (BYREDO is pretty good at this point).

Perfume is not "without emotion". Instead of overemphasizing the color of perfume and perfumer (for example, Dior really like me, it almost imposes perfume on people's feelings through advertisements), it only uses designers' synaesthesia ability and olfactory memory to mobilize the participation of users' emotions.