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- Dec 03, 2019-

Celine Roux, director of global product development at Jo Malone, the classic perfume brand, said that many adjectives that describe aroma are mostly abstract because the flavors or brands want to give this fragrance more emotion. She explained the perfume words that the general public did not understand. Maybe when you choose perfume later, you will have more specific ideas.


When we say this perfume is "sensuous", it means its fragrance is warm and soft. Ingredients often have mild amber and wood flavors, and may also contain spices and vanilla. These are the materials that create a warm base for perfume.

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Usually the perfume of citrus and green grass will use this adjective. Roux compares it to cooking. When you want to add a little refreshing taste to a dish, you will choose to add a little orange peel; if you want to make a salad, you will want to add some mint leaves and coriander, which are so-called "fresh" aroma.

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