Perfume Designs

- Feb 10, 2020-

Many famous perfume brands now use bionic aesthetic design concept when designing bottle shapes and packaging. That is, the use of perfume packaging is humanized and personalized, drawing on the natural and organic life form with aesthetic feeling, making the structure of the perfume container bold and creative, which not only conforms to the positioning of the design theme, but also achieves the effect of a formal beauty.

1. The concept of "morphology" is provided by biology in nature, and the natural life form is integrated into the new packaging, from the former abstract geometric shape bottle body to the current thick and full bottle body design with life lines. The product is given a "moving" look, so that the "moving" charm in the packaging get a full performance. This kind of bionic aesthetic design is conducive to highlighting the ingenuity of the product personality, making the perfume production industry become an industry of creating dreamy feelings, so that the product does not convey the beauty of cold reason, but also the sensibility of sensibility. In the form of perfume packaging, more use of bionic techniques, giving perfume to the tension of life.

2. Most of the design inspiration of human beings comes from the quality of nature itself. When bionic aesthetic design is applied to perfume packaging, it has injected strong vitality into products. Once they have life, they will also have vitality, vitality, thoughts, and deep cultural meaning. "Following nature and advocating nature" is the most modern bionic aesthetic design of perfume packaging mainly follows the concept. In the process of design, designers should have a deeper understanding of the functions of products, the expectations of users and the profound implications they represent in the whole social context, and pay more attention to users' psychological, social, emotional and communication needs. Let design return to nature, give design form a symbol of life is the consensus of human beings in spiritual needs.