Packaging of wooden perfume boxes

- Dec 05, 2019-

Each kind of wooden wine box packaging design is to show the characteristics of the commodity itself. At the same time, the purpose of wooden wine box packaging design is to attract consumers to buy goods, so usually in wooden wine box packaging design, make the goods more energetic and vitality.

Elements of graphic design. The graphic design we are involved in at this stage belongs to the design in two-dimensional plane space. Through various types of paper, cloth and other two-dimensional media, to show the content of the work designed by the designer.

In the process of graphic design, we should pay attention to the unique creative ideas of each designer, and talk about all different design elements as the overall theme. Graphic design contains a variety of elements, including text information, various forms of patterns and color diversity, etc., which can achieve the publicity effect on static media.

Graphic design pays more attention to innovative design concepts. For the same graphic design work, viewing from different angles may achieve different performance effects or different inner feelings. Therefore, the graphic design, more emphasis on the extension of the designer's ideas, is a multi-level, rich content design process.