Packaging design of wooden perfume box

- Dec 05, 2019-

In the design of wooden perfume box, we should also know the preferences and dislikes of different residents in the design of the wooden perfume box.

If the Japanese lotus is unlucky and the chrysanthemum is the funeral supplies, the fox and the badger represent the crafty and greedy, and regard it as irreverence for the shape of the bottle or the pot as the Buddha. The English regards the cock as a dirty thing, the white lily is used for the funeral, the elephant is useless, the disgusting East and West, and the body is not used as the commercial wooden perfume box packaging; France regards the walnut as an unlucky thing, chrysanthemum. Flowers are used as funeral supplies; Italy prohibits the use of nuns in product label designs; Islamic countries are absolutely forbidden to the figures and characters of pigs, cross is regarded as a pagan logo, and women's bodies are prohibited from being used as commodity advertisements and wooden perfume boxes.

Therefore, when designing domestic wooden perfume boxes for international trade, domestic enterprises must have a good understanding of customs and customs of countries and regions so as to avoid losses caused by trade.