Packaging Design For Female Perfume Packaging

- Nov 27, 2019-

Dior, the world famous designer, once said, "perfume is the gateway to a new world. Perfume is an indispensable complement to women's personality. It makes women have a variety of styles with fashion." Nowadays, perfume products are more and more and people are becoming more and more difficult to choose. But people are often influenced by their upbringing, social life and cultural background to choose brands. 

Therefore, every good perfume packaging should be targeted to correspond to specific consumer groups. A good perfume package can not only directly stimulate the consumers' senses, but also reflect the taste of the brand. There must be a unique perfume bottle and perfume packaging to form an organic unity, giving people a sense of nobility and elegance.

The packaging design of women's perfume is mainly reflected in the aspects of color, packaging and bottleneck design. Color is the most sensitive factor in visual performance. Color processing occupies a very important position in packaging design. The overall effect of color needs to be eye-catching and personalized. It can catch the sight of consumers, produce different feelings through color symbols, and achieve its purpose. The application of color in perfume packaging can not only enhance the eye-catching effect of packaging, but also express the texture, characteristics and connotation of goods.

The color of perfume bottles is extremely rich, usually light colored, especially light lemon yellow, because lemon yellow matches most of the color of the perfume, and can give people a fresh and refreshing feeling. As Estee Lauder launched BeyondPapadise neon paradise, this is Estee Lauder's first "dreamlike" perfume, which also broke Estee Lauder's consistent demand for mature women. The new style of Estee Lauder brand is displayed by the changeable color, unique fragrance and water drop packaging design.