The packaging of GUCCI BLOOM perfume seems to tell of floral fragrance

- Sep 01, 2020-

For GUCCI, the garden has always occupied a very special place in the design of Alessandro Michele. The inspiration for the 2017 autumn and winter series is the alchemist’s garden. Brand advertising campaigns are often shot in the garden. There are a lot of flowers and insects in the design. It became an element of his signature. The first perfume named BLOOM, the main floral fragrance is not surprising.

Perfume packaging

The designer named it BLOOM. As the name suggests, the outer packaging is full of retro floral patterns, and the overall style has a distinctive new GUCCI feature. The design of the perfume bottle and the perfume cap is just a lot simpler, with a pale pink tone, a porcelain-like material, a simple big label, and the visual design is sweet but not greasy. 

Perfume packaging-2