New Serge Lutens perfume with charming perfume packaging solutions

- Jun 23, 2020-

Mr. serge Lutens, a talented artist, creates a fragrance with oriental charm. There is a unique story behind every taste. Mr. Lu Dan's brand was founded in 2000 to celebrate the brand 20th anniversary. Serge Lutens takes the origin of perfume as its theme, especially the 2020 limited edition fragrance.

charming perfume bottle design

La fille de Berlin

"She's a rose with thorns. Don't mess with her. This rose fragrance with thorns will enhance you, and she will shock you. " ——Serge Lutens. The world only feels its fragrance is domineering, cold and spicy, but it is lonely and weak under the cold appearance. Only the girls in Berlin understand the rose fragrance with distinct layers, and gradually approach the soft heart of the girls in Berlin.

pink perfume bottle design