New listing perfume with worderful perfume packaging

- Feb 21, 2020-

Elie Saab fragrance was launched at the end of 2019. It is not only the outer bottle with elegant and transparent glass body, but also the beautiful label of royal blue and gold logo, which makes people feel his elegance and nobility at a glance. Like the low-key luxury of Elie Saab's high order dress of the same name, this fragrance is themed on Royal Women.


Jo launched this year Malone new fragrance, which is kept in classic black perfume packaging, is the main character of vannaran, which is known as the spice gold. Before it, it brings fresh, green and sweet fragrance to cardamom and grapefruit tea, followed by the unique smell of smoked wood and lavender flowers, just like the smell of the forest's tiny wet smell. Finally, the elegant sweetness of vannan is wrapped in the amber amber, leaving the mystery behind. , long lasting and charming.