New design elements for perfume packaging

- Dec 09, 2019-

Three dimensional depth and realism

Three dimensional design has already set off an upsurge in 2019, and will continue to rise for some time. C4D modeling and rendering is becoming more and more popular in the design field, so we will see more amazing 3D design works. In addition, designers will integrate photos and 2D objects into 3D design for more creativity.


Using metal materials in graphic design has become a strong trend of brand identity and product design. According to the rules, this trend emphasizes the overall design based on Minimalism, because the focus should be on the metal effect itself. We have noticed that most designers use DHL, which conveys luxury and noble taste. However, metallic effects can also be represented by glossy surfaces of any color. In order to make this metal effect more expressive, brand experts will integrate this trend into brand logos such as business cards.