natural cork for wooden cap packaging

- Dec 11, 2019-

The primary reason why natural cork is selected as wine stopper is its impermeability. Cork cell wall contains cork grease and wax like substance, which makes cork almost completely gas and water-proof, and this function also makes wine not corroded or damaged.

Moreover, natural cork has compressibility, cork has high strength and compressibility, this function allows the use of cork, which can play a better role in sealing the infiltration phenomenon will not occur. Cork itself is light in texture. Most cells are filled with gases such as air. The weight of cork per cubic meter is only 0.16g.

In the process of cork production, it needs to go through strict selection, cooking and other processes to remove impurities, such as fungi in cork. The cork storage environment also has a certain impact on the growth of microorganisms. Therefore, it should be stored in ventilated and moisture-proof places to avoid infection or other group odor.