Multifunctional new wood for wood product packaging

- Dec 11, 2019-

Here are several new multi-functional Woods:

Flame retardant wood, developed by Japanese scientific experts, is a kind of wood that does not burn. It is to add inorganic salt to fire-resistant materials and immerse the selected wood in the solution containing barium ion and phosphoric acid ion, so as to achieve the purpose of anti-corrosion and anti termite of wood. The bed, furniture and ceiling made of it will not be burned even if the carpet in the room is on fire.

Composite wood, Japanese building materials and chemical industry jointly developed a kind of PVC rigid high foam composite wood. The main raw material is PVC, and a proper amount of flame retardant is added to make the wood have the function of fire prevention. The wood structure is a unit independent foam body, which has the characteristics of discontinuity, non conduction and non transmission. It can play the role of heat insulation, compartment, fire prevention and durability. It can replace the natural wood and be used as other decorative materials such as house wall panel, compartment panel and ceiling.

Synthetic wood, a Japanese wood company uses sawdust and resin to make a kind of segmental synthetic wood. It has the texture of natural wood and the plasticity of resin. It is characterized by strong water resistance, easy processing, not easy to deform, and good mothproofing performance. It is a high-quality material for building decoration and making furniture.

Artificial wood: British researchers have developed a kind of artificial wood made of polystyrene waste plastic. The main components of the new artificial wood are 85% polystyrene waste plastic, 4% reinforcing agent, talcum powder and adhesive, etc,.