Mini Cosmetic Bottle for packaging industry

- Dec 04, 2019-

In our concept, cosmetic bottles must be large bottles, at least tens of ML, even the trial packs of cosmetics, skin care products and daily care products, most of which are not specially designed cosmetic bottles. The merchant just randomly takes out a bottle from the product for the consumer to use.

After many people's skin contact, the mouth of cosmetic bottle itself is a base of bacterial infection. This can easily affect the product effect.

If the cosmetics bottle can be specially designed for mini trial use, the capacity of this kind of cosmetics bottle can be very small, and the products in it can only be used once or twice, which can imitate the packaging of shampoo in bags, so that it is not wasteful and easy to store, and the customers will not cause bacteria breeding after use.

For expensive products, such a simple cosmetic bottle trial can also be used for sale, which is also a great advantage for the sales of products. In the cosmetics bottle industry, which lacks of mini packaging, its appearance will surely attract people's attention.