Market Development Prospects of Aromatherapy Candles

- Aug 15, 2019-

Traditionally, candles are used for religious, cultural and life needs. Global consumption demand for candle products has been stable for a long time and has a certain growth trend. But in the 21st century, the candle market is also quietly changing! The author also based on years of experience in the wax industry to talk about the prospects of aromatherapy candle wholesale market.

As mentioned above, candles are traditionally used for religious, cultural and life needs. At present, candles purchased at the retail end are excluded from traditional use. Modern candles are developing in the direction of aromatherapy candles and wax art. The following author introduces a real case of successful transformation of offline traditional candle manufacturers, such as aromatherapy candles.

This is a candle manufacturer in Shanghai. In the early years, it produced traditional candle products, mainly for domestic sales and retail trade, which is also considered as a rising battle gold. However, since China joined the WTO in 2002, the market competition has become more and more fierce, and its performance has been declining day by day. In fact, a friend who knows marketing will definitely say that this is not very normal, from the growth period to the mature period, and then the enterprise is entering a recession period. At this time, either the transformation of new products or hurry to get rid of money. At first, the boss thought that he had earned enough to go home for retirement after so many years, but when he saw that his employees who had been with him for many years were about to lose their jobs, he could not bear it, so he was determined to consider transformation. But to sum up, it's not that easy to transform. After much deliberation and frustration, he found a new way!

It's not really a new road. It's a scenario I met when I was traveling abroad: the boss's children were studying abroad. On Christmas Eve, the boss and his wife flew to the United States to visit their daughters. When I saw a wax shop in the shopping street, the owner came to the shop out of curiosity of his peers. This is not a good idea. The decoration and design of the shop are exquisite. Unlike ordinary traditional candles, they can also be lit with flower fragrance. And the price is amazing. A candle can sell for 30 dollars, except for its different colours. Conversion of RMB is a 100-yuan high-priced candle! Has anyone bought it, too? The owner continued to consult the shopkeeper, only to know that this was the most popular aromatherapy candle in the United States at that time. Many white-collar workers and industry elites pay for the candles. And many hotels, restaurants, wedding industry people are batch purchases to create a scene atmosphere, and then can light this kind of candle restaurant is almost expensive! The owner of a candle factory who has worked for many years has found business opportunities by virtue of his business sense: an aromatherapy candle which is not difficult to make can sell at a high price, why can't we? For this reason, the owner bought all kinds of candles and rushed back to China for research. Finally, he developed candles with the same odor, color and quality and exported them to Europe and the United States, creating a new era for enterprises.

In fact, it is not difficult to see from this case that candles are not only a kind of traditional daily necessities. More in other places! For the "new version" candle industry, the whole trend of development will be more life-oriented, that is, the so-called ideal living conditions. But as of 2013, there are few candle manufacturers engaged in large-scale and specialized production in the market.

In fact, for people in developed countries, in fact, the previous introduction also mentioned that aromatherapy candles in Europe and the United States have become a common commodity in white-collar life, mostly used for watching and appreciating, changing the home atmosphere, aromatherapy, creating fragrance and so on, while aromatherapy candles in China is still a blank market. There are almost no competitors, and the market potential is huge!