Make perfume more durable

- Nov 28, 2019-

To make the fragrance more durable, the method of spraying should be more careful: first, put the perfume on the wrist, then move to the other wrist, after the wrist is warm, then move from wrist to ear, then apply it to all parts.

But remember not to rub each other's wrist, because this will increase the surface temperature of the skin, accelerate the volatilization of perfume, and destroy the fragrance molecules, so that the aroma can not show the original flavor.

Among our ten fingers, ring fingers are the gentlest. So when you apply perfume to different parts of your body, you only need to use the ring finger to press two times gently in various places, and smear perfume all over the body evenly and evenly.

If you want to smell your perfume on your side, you might as well wear some perfume on your hair.

It should be noted that the perfume should not be sprayed directly onto the hair. In addition to making the fragrance too direct, it is not graceful enough. Besides, the perfume itself contains many chemicals. When the hair is sprayed directly, there is an opportunity to damage the hair.

If you want to make the taste lasting and outstanding, you can decide the times of spraying according to the type of perfume. For example, Eau de Toilette can spray at most 3 times a day and spray every 3-4 hours.

If Eau De Parfum is used, the taste of each spray can last for about 5 hours, so it can be sprayed 2 times in a day. In addition, there are many fragrances that are lighter in flavor. This also indicates that the flavor is more volatile, so it can be added more frequently.

You can spray perfume into the air before bathing or before going out in the morning, then go into the air, so that the fragrance of the fragrance will slowly pour on your hair, your body and even your clothes. The taste will be more effective in spreading the whole body, and the taste will be quite natural.

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