LVMH perfume factory transfer free hand washing liquid

- Apr 14, 2020-

LVMH, the world's largest luxury goods group, announced on March 15 that it would temporarily switch production of its three cosmetics brands, start mass production of wash free hand sanitizer on Monday and provide it to the French medical system free of charge. For more and more factories turning to production recently, Francisco Betti and Thierry HEINZMANN, senior production and manufacturing experts of the world economic forum, sent an analysis that: turning to production needs to quickly define the differences between certain types of products and services and existing production operations, and make up for the differences.

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The world economic forum also noted that China has many cases of rapid and successful production conversion. For example, Shanghai GM Wuling changed part of its production line into a production line of masks, and changed the automobile R & D organization into a production line of dust-free masks, which took only three days. In the past three days, Shanghai GM Wuling has installed the necessary equipment, obtained the production license, started to produce civil masks, and provided professional training for its employees. These masks are donated to front-line medical staff. BYD, an automobile manufacturer, has only completed R & D and actually produced mask production equipment in 7 days. After that, BYD completed the research and development of medical hand cleanser in 6 days. Eight days later, masks and gel were delivered to front-line health workers. Sharp, the electronics maker, now turns a Japanese television factory into a mask maker. There are also diaper manufacturers in China who have modified some of their production lines to produce masks.

Matt Hancock, Britain's health and social security minister, is also calling on British manufacturers to reconsider improving some of their production lines to produce medical ventilation equipment.