Luxury perfume brand with good perfume packaging

- Jan 14, 2020-

Surprisingly, did the Alexander McQueen create the same perfume packaging as the avant-garde? Perfume for her is composed of three nocturnal flowers - Jasmine, tuberous jasmine and Yilan's precious essence, so the box is dark, flower aesthetics. This mini artwork offers an eternal shape, but the bottle is filled with gold feathers and a slightly popular bedspread.


Bvlgari Irina is inspired by pure white jade. This stone symbolizes purity, peace and femininity, and is often used as a gift to commemorate true friendship.

This warm, simple fragrance is packed in a box, equally pure and inspiring. This bottle has a conical design with a bottle body style outline, a pure blue top and gold embellishment, bringing some extra styles, while the box has a gorgeous gold and black design with elegant swirl texture. Other fragrances from the Le Gemme series follow the same design habits, but take the theme of green, pink and purple.