The luxury packaging of NEW Roja Dove Parfum-Cologne

- Jan 10, 2020-

ROJA PARFUM's Parfum-Cologne Collection:  Elysium, Scandal, Vetiver, Enigma, and Danger is crazy popular with consumers.
Each scent boasts fresh, lively notes to create a light and vibrant scent, with warm and sensual notes that last for hours on the skin.

Roja Dove Parfum-Cologne

The whole perfume package looks quite comfortable. The gold perfume name and logo are stamped on the gradient color painted bottles, the matching of colors is perfectly.
A luxurious zamac perfume lid engraved with two ROJA signatures, one on top and one on the side, which has been decorated with black lines, the perfect crafts of the zamac perfume lid embellished the whole perfume. Packing well into a black paper box with gold stamping. The packaging shows noble and luxurious of ROJA PARFUM.

ROJA Parfum bottle lid