Luxury packaging for Nicolai Parfumeur Createur Angelys Pear

- Jul 21, 2020-

Nicolai Parfumeur Createur Angelys Pear,the magic of this bottle of perfume is that when you listen to the

name, you think it is an ordinary summer fruity note, but it is actually a green fruity chypre with many



The overall taste is sweet, quiet and peaceful, like an early morning in the Loire Valley.

The freshness and refreshing sensation of the top notes of lemon and freshly cut grass adds stimulation and

juicy feeling to the theme pear of the middle note, like a refreshing and slightly sour pear juice bursting

in the mouth after a bite, the middle note uses jasmine and rose The floral scent is used as a foil, and

the fresh and stimulating pear fruit scent is alive. The floral scent of rose and jasmine is not obvious,

and the pear smell hasn't come to an end, and has already shaken hands with the wood behind, which makes

people want to cry in comfort. The bottom note is oak moss and patchouli, which stuns the entire

environment and makes the whole fragrance from shallow to deep, with layers.


In the end, it becomes a distant woody fragrance, just like the bass part at the end of a song, and a

picture of a quiet morning in the Loire Valley unfolds.

It doesn't have to be really in the Loire Valley, as long as you have it, close your eyes, and you will be

able to take you to the orchards on both sides of the valley at any time.