Labeling technology of plastic bottle for perfume packaging solutions

- Dec 18, 2019-

Plastic bottles pay attention to the overall beauty. The carrier, packaging and labeling of plastic bottles are inseparable, which always affects our brand. In the packaging market, we should not only grasp the market dynamics, but also quickly find the entry point, that is, the differentiation and uniqueness of packaging, and then quickly put into production. At the same time, we must achieve high quality to meet the user experience. These two points are What is indispensable is the two requirements of occupying the market.

If it is fast, mass production can achieve a big market advantage: if there are many products leaving the factory for a period of time, the unit price of production will be relatively low. When the price of the products is fixed, the profit space will be larger. If there is lower than them or there are activities when competing with peers, the competitive advantage will be more obvious and the repeatability will be higher, The better the stability of the product, the lower the scrap rate, and the higher the competitiveness and efficiency.

With the development of science and technology, the labeling technology of plastic bottles is more and more, showing more beautiful appearance for plastic bottles, further promoting the development of plastic bottles.

Now the printing part is the bottle body, which can't be printed at the bottle mouth, bottle shoulder and other places. At the same time, it can't be done in one machine with a variety of labeling processes (hot-melt labeling, cold adhesive labeling, etc.). So I believe that in the future, the labeling machine of plastic bottles will definitely get new development.