Know plastic bottle packaging deeply

- Dec 18, 2019-

In fact, the damage of plastic bottles to the environment is not only from glass bottles and other materials, but also from our common advantages.

Actually, the recovery rate of plastic packaging bottle is much higher than that of other materials, recycling is no doubt, and the advantages are irreplaceable, which can not be replaced by other packaging materials; however, it still needs to maintain the development and improvement of environmental protection, so as to stabilize the position of plastic bottle in the future market development.

Since the rise of plastic packaging bottles, there have been nearly 10000 enterprises, large and small, with different specifications and quality. According to Xiaobian, it is inevitable to establish a standard in the industry to ensure the use of consumers. In this process, all parties are required to participate. Only the upstream and downstream and suppliers and consumers participate in the process, can they work out compliance Meet the market standard of plastic bottles.