Know more about perfumes

- Dec 03, 2019-

1. Fragrance can awaken memory, stimulate imagination, affect emotion, and even relax, comfort, excite or tempt a person's subconscious. This is actually because the olfactory nerve affected by fragrance is the entrance and exit of the subconscious of human function.

2.The word "perfume -PERFUME" is derived from Latin PER+FUMUM (through smoke).

3. Egyptians were the first to use spices, about 3000 BC. At that time, the method of refining high-purity alcohol had not been invented. Spices were preserved in the form of balm and balsam.

4. The first thing to do is to place spices in perfume bottles made from alabaster. Later, around 1500 BC, glass and perfume bottles were discovered.

5. In ancient times, the trade between the East and the West was dominated by various spices. In Italy Florence has a multi metre Kenny brothers family business, creating the first perfume company. Therefore, Florence was later known as the birthplace of modern perfume.

6. Now, France can be regarded as the perfume country of the world. The perfume culture of France was opened by Queen Kathleen. In 1533, the Pope's niece married Henry, king of France.

7. Perfume capital - Glass (Grasse). This town is mainly leather industry. In the early sixteenth Century, a group of Italian glove industrialists saw this lovely, quiet and simple town. She had a warm climate and beautiful soil and water. It was the best place to raise flowers. They have settled down and have been planting flowers for generations. For hundreds of years, Glass has become the perfume capital of the world.

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