Jo Malone: gardenia and ebony perfume

- Apr 13, 2020-

Warm sunshine and fragrant flowers are collocation with Aurora luxury perfume bottles.

perfume packaging graphic design

The new gardenia and ebony essence, uphold the essence of a series of bold reshape the rules of the former tune, re create the tone of the main tune, the main flavor of the unique structure, with the most exquisite perfume technology to foil the bright white flowers blooming in the pure white gardenia.

It has bright and sweet fragrance, deep and fragrant precious ebony, with gradually layered Aurora silver and amber luxury bottle body, and unique and charming sunshine flower fragrance to write the perfect final chapter for the essence series.

The setting is sweet and warm fragrance. The gorgeous combination of sweet gardenia and mellow ebony presents rich layers of fragrance under the background of warm amber and pink white musk, just like the English garden in the Arabian desert where white flowers bloom.

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