How to identify perfume

- Feb 20, 2020-

In fact, judging the quality of perfume is mainly about the color, fragrance and packaging of perfume.

1. color of perfume

High quality perfume must be clear, clear and clear liquid without any precipitation. It does not contain pigment generally, and does not change color after 24 hours at 30 ℃.

2. fragrance of perfume

High quality perfume is pure fragrance and can last for a time. No pungent smell of alcohol and other unpleasant smell. According to the stability and flavor of perfume, perfume and flower moisture are four grades: Grade A, B, C and C. Fancy fancy perfume sprinkled on textiles, under certain conditions, its fragrance should be kept for at least 70 hours, and the fragrance should not be less than 60 hours. Daily quality perfume belongs to class a products. B and C perfume and toilet water are basically used for sanitary purposes.

3. perfume packaging

The perfume that pleasing women's smell is often promoted by the visual image of perfume products. Like other commodities, the fine packaging often reflects the internal quality of commodities. The outer packaging of perfume is a manifestation of the inherent quality of perfume. When identifying the quality of perfume, pay special attention to the sealing of perfume bottles. There is no gap between the bottle mouth and the bottle cap, otherwise it will cause the volatilization of alcohol to dry up.