How to Extinguish Aromatherapy Candles

- Sep 06, 2019-

Aromatherapy candles and alcohol lamps can not be blown with the mouth of the same reason, so the method of extinguishing aromatherapy candles can also refer to the method of extinguishing alcohol lamps - isolating the air. In junior high school chemistry class, teachers often emphasize that the most important thing is not to blow out the alcohol lamp, so as not to blow bigger and bigger, burn themselves, or cause fire. Instead, the lid of the alcohol lamp should be directly covered, and the alcohol lamp will naturally go out when the air is cut off. When aromatherapy candles are sold, they usually have candle cups and candle caps. When the aromatherapy candles are extinguished, they can be directly covered with candle caps. If you can't find the corresponding candle cover, other larger glassware can be covered on the cup, as long as it can isolate the air.