How to do Alcohol abrasion test for perfume cap

- Mar 13, 2020-

Perfume lid is often touching perfumes easily which contains high percentage of alcohol. In daily use, we found some of perfume caps, especially metal perfume caps will be faded or color changed after touching  / using perfumes for some time. How to ensure the metal perfume caps not fading?

It's very important that the perfume lids from manufacturer is good quality enough and should pass alcohol abrasion test. Leaders owns professional alcohol abrasion tester, that can fastly test if the plating layer of the metal perfume lid is qualified or not.

Below is a Vedio showing we are testing a Band perfume cap.

  1. To fix the perfume lid on the machine

  2. To add alcohol into the machine pillar;

  3. Adjust the speed of abrasion and adjust the times to be 50 times, usually 50 times is a standard requirements, but we tested for 100 times.

  4. After the machine stop, we can observe the perfume lids,  if it's color faded or copper layer of plating can be seem by eyes, then the plating layer of the metal perfume lids are not qualified.


Our testing result on the brand packaging lids is perfect, nothing changed after 100 times of alcohol abrasions.

Leaders always keep high requirements on each products, welcome to contact us for make your own perfume packaging materials.