How to clean the essential oil bottle

- Dec 16, 2019-

1. First, when the essential oil is used up, put a piece of paper with good water absorption on the bottle mouth, and let the bottle stand upside down on it for about a day. The rest of the oil will also flow down.

2. Use tweezers and oil absorption paper to wipe the inside of the bottle. After that, use toilet paper to wipe the surface of the bottle.

3. Mix the detergent with water, then pour it into the bottle, close the cap and shake it, then place it for about 15 minutes, pour it out, then add it in again, after 3 times, rinse it with water.

4. Then wipe the inner wall of the bottle with a paper towel, open the cover and put it in the window or ventilation place to ventilate. If it is urgent, you can use a blower to directly blow it, but you should pay attention not to use too hot wind.