How to choose perfume label stickers?

- Apr 03, 2020-

Perfume labels or perfume stickers are widely used for showing perfume brand and perfume names for a fragrance. Fragrance itself  is the soul of perfume, while the attractive design plays a critical role of consumer's needs also.
There are many brands do their brand and perfume name by printing on bottles directly, and some brands prefer to make a specific perfume labels or metal stickers to decorate your perfume bottles.

  1. Aluminum perfume stickers: low MOQ, low unit price & mould cost, easy to be customized, multi color options, shiny or matt surface finished, can be flat or bend which can be attached to round bottles. Aluminum perfume stickers are very popular for making private labels and mass market perfumes. Obviously, because of its high flexibility, many luxurious brands also like to use it as a bottle label when they have various Niche perfumes.

    perfume sticker

  2. Zamac perfume stickers: Logo can be embossed or debossed, moderately priced, heavy with luxurious looking, zamac perfume sticker is upscale embellishment for a perfume bottle. You can find it in high market fragrance distinctly. 

    Parfum logo sticker

 3. Brass perfume stickers: brass is hard and weighted material, the cost is valuable, logo on the brass will be debossed, laser engraved, and enamel decorations. The appearance of the brass plate is particularly high-end, which is why luxury perfume brands usually use it for decoration and showing brand name and perfume names.

Metal perfume label

Any inspirations on how to make your own perfume sticker template? As the professional customized perfume project expert, we are happy to help you realizing your idea.