How do you package perfume?

- Nov 21, 2019-

For a long time, most perfumes have been filled in glass bottles, glass bottles is used for inner packaging for perfume, because after testing and verification, glass bottles are the best materials for holding perfume.
Perfume contains a lot of alcohol and fragrance which is corrosive. If you use plastic bottles, it may prone to chemical reactions.

After filling perfumes on glass bottle, pump sprayer will be crimped on the bottle to seal the bottle also spray perfumes. Then closing the pump by overcap.
For perfume overcap, there are many kinds of choice for material, it depends on the brand, usually plastic caps are mostly used for market perfumes, luxury metal caps will be used for Niche perfumes or luxury perfumes. Such as the zamac caps we make are widely used for brand perfumes or luxury perfume brands.
Some Niche perfumes would love to use wooden cap because wooden cap is natural, eco-friendly and recyclable.
Boxes will be used for packing perfume bottles, in the market, there are paper box, wooden box, leather box, plastic box and acrylic box. Paper box is most common used for packing perfume bottles. Paper box are very flexible, it can be designed in different styles and shapes, logo can be printed or hot stamping on the box to show brand name, information of perfumes etc.

In the future, people will create more materials to package perfume to make it more and more fancy.

perfume packaging

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