How consumers view perfume packaging

- Dec 20, 2019-

Even the most effective products in the world need packaging to attract buyers. Consumers rely on an emotional / visual and quick response to buy products; packaging experts do not have that luxury feeling.

When packaging a product, many factors need to be considered in advance. Is the product sensitive to light and is packaging in the form of opaque cans, bottles or hoses necessary? Does the content of the product erode the standard plastic material to make glass or metal packaging more appropriate (the latter two are more expensive than most plastics)? What is the shape of the package - is it easy to hold? Should it be like this? What about the conduction distribution system - does the sticky content block the standard nozzle?

As packaging professionals adjust between consumers' perceptions / emotional responses and more practical concerns, the list becomes trickier. For example, when a new regulation is issued, the requirements for packaging and labeling change. In some cases, especially when the ingredients of a certain beauty category enter into the category of "drugs", the wording of relevant official documents must be extended. In addition, export products must be clearly marked under the relevant requirements of their own countries and countries to be exported. All of these will occupy considerable space on the container, urging marketers to think hard about where the real logo should be squeezed.