History of perfume bottles

- Jun 10, 2020-

In 50s zeroth Century, with the beginning of the art movement, abstractions and realism became mainstream in their respective ways. Artists found that perfume customers are the most valuable in the world. So perfume bottle designers are influenced by sports, and they are also embodied in perfume bottles. Strange color strikes, bold colors of heavy metals make perfume bottles not simple and monotonous.

During this period, many companies used perfume bottles designed by artists and designers. Famous Dior and Lancome are among them. In this period, the most peculiar and outstanding perfume bottle is probably a small bottle of water designed by the caps, and each bottle has different hats.

perfume bottle designs

AVON is also involved, and has launched nearly ten different fragrances, each of which has its unique perfume bottle shape and color.

cute perfume bottle design

Obviously, in the past century, the design of perfume bottle body is closely related to the contemporary era.